The Little Rippers books are chapter books (with minimal illustrations) that follow the adventures of brother and sister duo, Max and Molly Beckett, and their skiing kids group. Throughout the series, the children travel to Vermont and Colorado and face challenges both on and off the mountains. The books were inspired by Rebecca Munsterer’s real friendships as a young ski racer. The stories are intended to inspire, entertain and delight readers of all ages as the Little Rippers learn about friendship and fun.

The books are sold at both ski and book stores. You can find them at such places as The New England Ski Museum, Peter Glenn Sports, The Alta Mountain Ski Store, Golf and Ski (West Lebanon, NH), The Norwich Vermont Book Store, and online at Amazon and Barnes and Nobles. 

For more information about Volume One-“Here Come The Little Rippers,” click here.

For more information about Volume Two- “Go West, Little Rippers,” click here.

For more information about Volume Three- “Presidents Day Palooza,” click here.

The Little Rippers

8 thoughts on “THE LITTLE RIPPERS

  1. Love this! We have four generations of skiers and love skiing with our little rippers. Grandpa always tells them to “let em rip”. We can’t wait to get this book for the four ” little rippers” in our family!

    • Hi Paula, thanks for your message! I’m thrilled the kids love the book. Volume 3 will be out December of this year. (I’m working as quickly as possible on it.) 🙂 Best, Becky

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